Temperature & confort

Comfort and performance
Get the ideal comfort level
for everyone and optimize
your energy efficiency.

Connected thermostats
Regulate the temperature
of your spaces from
your smart devices.

Climate at
your fingertips

Too hot, too cold… living space quality is linked especially to your comfort. And that comfort is linked directly to the ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation settings.

Whatever the type of heating and air conditioning – heat pump, geothermal, electric baseboards or radiant flooring – connecting our smart thermostats to your integrated system will allow you to enjoy an indoor climate according to your exact parameters, at all times, whatever the conditions and whatever your moods.

Whether or not you are at home, the thermostats will automatically go into “night” mode when you go to bed or “away” mode when you leave. Our systems can even use geolocation to know that you are on your way to the cottage so it will turn up the heat before you arrive!

In addition, remote management and automatic programming will have a significant impact on your ecological footprint. No more wasted energy!

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