Developers & Real estate agents

Alliance D is
your value-added ally.

We present real estate developers and brokers with a completely irresistible offer that allows them to make their projects even more attractive and sell them faster with no effort on their part – that’s added value.

Real estate brokers can bring their sales teams together under one roof, backed by the knowledge of our multidisciplinary experts who infuse their projects with a distinctive and unique touch on the cutting edge of technology, while helping them to increase their profitability.

At Alliance D, we propose equipping brokers’ sales offices and model homes with spectacular, efficient and well-orchestrated home automation control systems.

Surface or recessed speakers, motorized blinds and curtains, smart lighting dimmers, video screens, camera and recording systems, implementation of a reliable network… all installed and integrated by our experts. Something that really impresses your clients with available options they can see firsthand.

Your project, along with Alliance D’s added value makes a highly seductive sales tool

Alliance D’s added value in real estate projects

Our experienced team can assure that the integration of home automation with your real estate project will enhance your product and service offering, and allow you to provide your clients with all the advantages of a contemporary, state-of-the-art residence. You will be able to increase your projects’ sales potential by offering your clients innovative, custom-made technology created by a professional team.

Environments where Alliance D excels

Whether it’s a luxury condo project, or a new sector of prestigious single-family homes, we have all the expertise and teams needed to integrate home automation into your projects. Adding the modern and technological touches we propose will distinguish you from your competition and offer a turnkey project with unparalleled value.

Collaboration framework, pre-project strategy

Let us help you prepare your sales offices and integrate the latest technologies to make your project even more spectacular. Adding audio-video products, cameras, stylish motorized window treatments, and heating and lighting controls to your model home will enhance your offering. Plus, with our personalized marketing tools and experienced sales team, you will be able to increase your sales without extra effort and with complete peace of mind.

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