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Designing and executing a residential project requires skill and special attention, in terms of both technology and the finishing. At Alliance D, we believe a successful project is one that expresses all its functionality by integrating perfectly with its environment and blending harmoniously with the decor. Delivering a perfect project demands unparalleled expertise and solid experience by proud and passionate people.

Types of residential environments
Apartments, luxury urban condominiums, private homes, large prestigious residences, ancestral homes, terraces and outdoor environments.

A variety of applications



Window treatments

Temperature & confort

Sound environment

Home theatre

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Techno freak

Design lover

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You want a stunning cinema experience in the comfort and privacy of your personalized space. With a simple click, we can transport you to another world where your dreams get real.

Too hot, too cold, too humid? You want to live in a temperate climate that matches your sensitivities. We have the solutions: smart thermostats, motorized blinds filtering the sun, air conditioning… right down to the smallest detail. All at your fingertips or programmed to adjust automatically. Your comfort guaranteed!

Eco- and


You want security and peace of mind in your home, inside and out, at all times… knowing who is at your door whether you are there or not. Our smart surveillance products are the answer to resting easy.

You love music. You have a good ear. You are a connoisseur who understands the importance of acoustics and calibration. Perfect! Our experts also have an ear, especially when it comes to listening to you. They can suggest the best configurations and products to meet your needs.



You are passionate about technology in your daily life. We are on your wavelength. Reliable and solid networks, equipment integration, remote management… experience how Alliance D technology will surpass your passions.

You have the perfect decor in mind and you want a window treatment that’s elegant, efficient and in harmony with your architect’s or interior designer’s concepts. Our expertise is unmatched and we will work closely with them.

Design lover

Lighting perfectionist

For you, everything is ambiance, lighting, colours. We share your vision. It’s all about sensitivity. Let us create your ideal lighting combinations everywhere and at any time of the day and night, inside and out. Declare “Let there be light!” how and where you like. And with a simple click, we’ll make it perfect.

Your great adventures happen outside! Patio, swimming pool, landscaped areas, gardens… and friends, of course. And it all goes with music, video, lighting. We are the real experts in integrating outdoor environments and ambiances. You can trust that, together, we will awaken the magic you seek.

Patio fan

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