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Our participation in the various site meetings allows us to closely supervise the work related to our designs, as well as plan and coordinate our teams’ interventions. We have all the technical resources and expertise to proceed with the pre-wiring and power supply of all types of residences or buildings in order to prepare the audio-video zones, the lighting controls and motorized blinds, as well as the data and camera surveillance networks. We work closely with project managers and contractor superintendents to ensure that all of our systems’ technical requirements are met.

Definition of environments

Whether it’s a unique luxury residence, a large residential project or a building with rental condos or apartments, we offer contractors and builders turnkey solutions for integrating and programming home automation elements and manual or motorized window treatments. Our multidisciplinary teams work for you.

Scope of the Alliance D offer

We also provide all the products needed for pre-wiring and we have all the expertise to help clients select, install, program and inform them of how the products work.

Collaborative framework

Our teams are at work from the start of the project to establish all the steps necessary for choosing and integrating home automation products and services, taking care to respect the specifications and quotes related to the project. Our qualified and experienced technicians will ensure that all products are installed and integrated perfectly.

Management/minimal risks, re-works, delays in construction

Planning is undoubtedly the main key to efficient project management. Our qualified team of managers is trained and dedicated to work on all types of residential and corporate projects.

We work closely with all the trades involved in the projects to ensure the diligence and precision of our interventions, and to minimize all risks of error throughout the project.

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