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Installation of outdoor cameras
Protect your property with
a surveillance system or
smart doorbell.
Installation of indoor cameras
Discreet cameras so you
can see what’s happening at home.

Just like you are there!
Enjoy peace of mind and
monitor your network
from anywhere.

Keep an eye on everywhere
all at once

Security is peace of mind. Optimize your home monitoring with our smart surveillance products! Receive a notification the moment a visitor comes to your door or if an intruder enters your property.

Monitor every nook and cranny of your home, while on site and remotely, with a multitude of exterior and interior cameras, some of which look like thermostats or smoke detectors.

When you leave your home, your automation system can go into “away” mode by turning off the lights, stopping the audio systems, locking the doors… by simply activating your alarm system!

Plus, you can use you smartphone or tablet to speak to a visitor who rings at your door and even unlock the door remotely. Even simpler, with facial recognition, the cameras are able to identify who is ringing your doorbell. When it recognizes your child’s face, the system will automatically unlock the front door.

Quite reassuring!

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Some of our surveillance accomplishments

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