Corall D

Corall D… A way of doing, a way of being

Our unique perspective on home automation and project design comes from the origins of Corall D, an innovative approach to project delivery that positions us even further above our competition.

Considering our global expertise as a real form of engineering, we have decided to apply its methodical principles to the practical stages of planning, executing and monitoring our projects. The result was Corall D, a systematized development and project management platform with virtually no room for error, contingencies, cost overruns, delays or other.

A superior organizational tool, Corall D is launched at the start of a project and remains operational until the project has been delivered, tested, fine-tuned and our client is completely satisfied.

Corall D is a pure product with Alliance D’s DNA. It’s more than an execution model. It’s a way of doing… It’s a way of being.

Corall D added values

  • Precise, systematized project planning from the start
  • Optimization of all implementation phases
  • Constant improvement in operational efficiency at all stages
  • A clean and clear 360˚ vision of a project’s progress
  • Optimization of human resources
  • Seamless quality control
  • Planning according to the rules of the art of the procedures for starting up the systems, calibrating their components, safety, compliance and more

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