Alliance D is
your partner in creativity

We offer architects complete support for developing their quotes while ensuring that the products and services proposed for their projects are directly related to their clients’ needs and according to the technical requirements.

Well aware of the considerable efforts made by architects to harmonize materials and lifestyles, and sharing the same passion, our specialists offer consulting services in designing and integrating systems to assure their projects comply with the highest standards.

Constantly on the lookout for the latest developments and trends, our experts’ contributions provide appreciable added value that architects see as a way to enhance their projects.

What Alliance D offers architects

  • Technical specification and quotation services
  • Cutting-edge consulting services in designing and integrating audio-video systems, window treatments, lighting and centralized controls, cameras, home automation

Close collaboration with architects

  • Preliminary meeting at the start of the project to plan client needs
  • Specification of products and services, monitoring and adjustments throughout the project
  • Planning and managing the pre-wiring, from installation to programming in accordance with and respecting the general contractor’s schedule
  • Site visits and meetings with the project’s various stakeholders
  • Final inspection in accordance with the action plan and specifications

Some of our collaborations

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