Multi-room sound system
Stream your favourite music
no matter where you are
in your house.

Home theatre A stunning home theatre experience installed in the comfort and privacy of your personalized space.

Temperature and comfort
Live in a temperate climate
according to your exact desire,
at all times, regardless of
external conditions...
and your mood.

Window treatments
Including shades, blinds
and curtains, whether manual or
motorized, and selected to be
easily integrated in a home
automation project.

Lighting Create personalized ambiances and adjust to any circumstance inside and outside your home.

Activate your space from your fingertips
Centralize all your connected
equipment for quick and
efficient use. Put technology at
the service of your comfort in
your living spaces.

Alliance D
sees further

At Alliance D, we believe that home automation is much more than connected electronic equipment.

For our experts, home automation is a way of thinking, a global approach to a living space. There are several ways to see residential home automation. For us, it’s before the initial design stages when everything is decided. And it’s this hindsight that makes all the difference!

The perspective we’ve adopted allows us to never lose sight of the fact that the system is in fact the entire environment, which includes the user. Technologies, devices and home automation are just links in a solid chain consolidating an entire integrated environment that must be allowed to evolve at the same time as its users, their objectives and their dreams.

For everyone at Alliance D, home automation is engineering the living environment.

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Some of our home automation accomplishments

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