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Boost your productivity
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Your business is changing and you want to integrate more technology to improve productivity and inspire your employees.

Our corporate environment specialists can select the most efficient products to meet your needs with the best quality/price ratio, while being reliable and easy for your employees to use. What’s more, our systems consider the prospects for the ever-evolving needs of our corporate clients in accordance with their strategic planning.

Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, we are renowned for the quality of our collaboration with architects, designers and contractors. We ensure unforeseen execution of our integrated projects, no matter the size and environment.

A variety of applications

Video conference

Sound environment


Window treatments

Temperature & confort

Network and WiFi


Types of corporate environments
Large companies, SMEs, manufacturing sectors, office towers, business centres, businesses, private services for the public and more.
Needs and applications
Video conferencing, intercommunication and display systems, solar shades controlling heat and light, background music, adapted lighting, centralized control by easy-to-use touch screen.
Increased productivity, optimized functionalities, enhanced work environments, quality of work life, enhanced brand image, company prestige and improved attractiveness as an employer.


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